About Us

Working as a Midwife for the past twenty years, the founder of 1 Creator Ltd,
Julie Bennett-Pitts, has been in the privileged position of delivering numerous babies for her clients.

Understanding the personal nature of pregnancy and childbirth, Julie sought to create a birth gift that would be as individual to the baby as it was to the parents experience, hence the creation of the baby birth certificate. The baby birth certificate is a unique piece of memorabilia, a pictorial representation of the baby's birth, and a wonderful keepsake that can be admired for years to come; and as with all babies, simple in its beauty complex in its creation.

The foundations of www.babybirthcertificate.co.uk are built upon values which endeavour to create a long lasting relationship between the founder and its visitors. It is hoped that those who visit the site will admire its beautiful simplicity and enjoy the active participation in creating A UNIQUE GIFT FOR A UNIQUE BABY !